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About Kuby Immunology

Originally authored by the award-winning teacher Janis Kuby, Immunology remains far and away the bestselling textbook for the undergraduate course. The first and only true textbook written by professors who teach the undergraduate course, it presents the most current concepts in an experimental context with clinical advances highlighted in boxes, supported by the kind of helpful pedagogical tools that other books do not provide.


The Defining Features of KUBY IMMUNOLOGY:

  • Kuby's experimental emphasis conveys the excitement of scientific discovery by describing how scientists conduct experiments, analyze data, and arrive at conclusions.
  • The book's strong pedagogical program includes unique end-of-chapter study questions and answers, chapter summaries that are cross-referenced to key figures and illustrations in each chapter for easy review, and "Visualizing Concepts" illustrations, which graphically clarify critical ideas and processes.
  • The book's consistent art program makes processes clear with its highly evolved iconic art style. Symbols for all important cells, macromolecules, and molecular intermediates are presented in the front of the book in a glossary chart, with all icons used consistently throughout the book. A unique art feature in each chapter is the Visualizing Concepts figure, which pulls together seemingly disparate chapter topics into one overarching illustration.
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